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About Community Health TV

Community Health TV (“CHTV”) is the largest provider of health video on the Internet geared toward diverse consumer audiences. CHTV contains a broad portfolio of service offerings that span the health spectrum, from in-depth medical content for condition prevention and management to fitness and cooking videos to recommendations for achieving a healthy lifestyle. CHTV also offer areas for interactive support communities, health and wellness tools, and answers to frequently asked medical questions.

As the Internet and television continue to merge and connected TVs slowly move into consumers’ living rooms, CHTV is there! CHTV is the first health media company to explore new approaches to connect with digital video viewers to watch the latest health topics that matter most including: diabetes, cancer, women’s health, kids’ health and more…

CHTV is a consumer-focused health media company that has created dynamic health content on a wide variety of subjects adjusted to resonate in the daily lives of consumers by using messages – all designed to meet the needs of millions of digital video viewers globally to watch digitally streamed content.